Wow, your list is making me hungry! I’m especially intrigued by the duck lasagna at Bowery Meat Company and the idea of late-night dining at Blue Ribbon Brasserie. It sounds like you’ve explored some incredible spots. Have you tried any new places recently that you’d add to this list?

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Best Italian Food: Utica New York and surrounding area.

Literally the Italian restaurants in Utica make those in NYC look like French restaurants. No advertisements from these. Forget the chain restaurants ! Forget the big cost high overhead places, these are real:

-Pelleteri Joe’s in Utica - an original 1950s decor, serving authentic Italian food Tuesday and Saturday. Make reservations!

- The Brass Tack, Frankfort NY only dinner, Thursday & Friday, call ahead!

- PKs Pub in Herkimer Call ahead

- The Franklin Hotel in Rome NY also has a bakery and Pastries!!!

- Cacciatores in Ilion, also has a Pizzeria

- Danielle in Utica, daily specials, small local fantastic place!

- Litterios in Camden NY - an actual Italian Chef!!!

- Trattoria Calabria, Utica dinners only

- Cavallos in New Hartford

- Giorgios in Hew Hartford

- Cafe del Buono New Hartford

Honorable mentions $$$:

- Bella Regina, Utica

- Aqua Vino in new location New Hartford

- Delmonicos in Utica is known, higher price, high pressure, move the tables, garish, if you like a completely Americanised expensive experience.

There are around one hundred or so more Italian restaurants in the area and during the Covid fiasco, Utica lost some great and not so great restaurants.

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