Thank you Its a good start kids know instinctively whats right giving them that rewarding experience is precious & desperately needed & everyone wins like a program I remember matching seniors in assisted living w/ foster kids or orphans who just need a caring human or non violent prisoners w/ pets to train. All these humanity positive programs serve us all . So again thank you. Hope many are inspired 🙏☮️❤️‍🔥Just a thought ,blessings & best wishes

Exposing kids ,(anyone for that matter in this rat race )to as much compassion as we can eill inform the future for all of us may avert other disastrous horrors we see around us ☮️🙏

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Exactly -- and I love that this can be a grassroots program that can go viral throughout the US school system. Kids naturally like to share -- this has such potential to really grow.

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