In the heart of the city, where the palate's delight,

Broken Palate’s tales are cooked just right.

From NYC’s vibrant, bustling scene,

To Miami’s spice, L.A.'s cuisine,

Their words, a banquet, spread far and wide,

With news and narratives side by side.

They dine beneath the urban lights,

And bring to us culinary heights,

Profiles rich, like hearty stew,

Interviews to savor, flavors true.

Chefs and bartenders, crafts refined,

In each paragraph, their passions lined.

Recipes trusted, from stove to plate,

Stories of kitchens that resonate.

Equity spotlighted in every place,

Pioneers of the industry’s grace.

The world’s internationalism at its core,

In every bite, you'll yearn for more.

With video, audio, threads spun gold,

Substack discussions, tales bold.

A community of taste, connections deep,

In Broken Palate’s words, we leap.

To savor culture, food’s embrace,

Where every reader finds their space.

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Perfection. Also #1, THANK YOU✨

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